Local Services


Electra Garcia

Magnetic Journeys SL

Magnetic Travel is a leading specialist in luxury concierge services in Ibiza.

We pride ourselves on working very closely with our clients and partner agencies to ensure that we plan and deliver personalised experiences, tailored to suit the specific requirements of each guest so they get the best Ibiza experience.


Barry D'Arcy

Ocean Earth Chefs

Ocean Earth Chefs provides private chefs to yachts, villas, chalets and estates worldwide. We offer chef services for one-off special occasions, temporary and seasonal positions., and long term permanent contracts.

We offer home cooks, chefs from Michelin-starred establishments and chefs specialising in particular cuisines and dietary needs. Our chefs are thoroughly checked and carefully selected to meet your requirements. That’s why we stand behind any chef we present to you.


Theresa Wood

Virtual Concierge Solutions

Virtual Concierge Solutions, your Virtual Gene, I offer business support and administrative assistance virtually to anyone, anywhere in the world, too small medium and large businesses and Private /Corporate individuals.

I have over 25 years’ of experience supporting High Networth families / business executives and corporate companies.