Application for Sirreti Property Owner Membership

We request all potential members of the Sirreti Community satisfy the membership criteria as follows, and complete the online application form below:

  • You are a property owner, or exclusive representative operating it as a short-term rental
  • You consider your property categorized as mainstream luxury and/or ultra luxury
  • Sirreti annual membership fee for Property Owners is US $695
  • Membership is based per individual professional, and allows for one contact name
  • Invited members are requested to complete the application form and short survey below
  • Members may use the Sirreti Membership logo on their web site and other marketing material by downloading it here

Sirreti Members Code of Conduct

The Sirreti Members’ Code of Conduct describes the expectations and obligations associated with membership in Sirreti. As a condition of membership, all members are required to conduct themselves consistent with the Members’ Code of Conduct, and acknowledge the Vision and Mission Statement of Sirreti.

  • Abide by high levels of professionalism when engaging with fellow members and associates during Sirreti online or in-person events
  • When engaging with other Sirreti members, practice fairness and honesty, and encourage others to act in such an ethical manner without discrimination
  • Always display a high level of professional standards
  • Will not make public statements likely to harm, defame or otherwise discredit other Sirreti members
  • Keep membership in good standing by providing accurate and updated information

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision:  To be the leading knowledge center for the global *luxury private accommodation (LPA) sector.

Mission:  To empower industry professionals with resources and cultural capital while creating economic value which benefits both members and industry partners.

Breach of the Members Code of Conduct, or a complaint filed with Sirreti against a member may result in the termination of membership under its by-laws. If you have any questions about the Members Code of Conduct, please direct them to the Sirreti Advisory Board at

Your Sirreti Property Owner membership includes

Sirreti Monthly Newsletter

Stay updated on our monthly e-newsletter to learn about new properties in the market, new Sirreti members, upcoming events and other useful information about our industry.

Quarterly Webinars

Access to the following quarterly webinars (total 8 in a 12-month period). Webinars will be recorded providing member access at any time during your membership.

  1. “Hospitality Happy Hour” by Jenni Haines:

With over 30 years in the hospitality and service industry, Jenni is a globally recognized service and experience expert. From front line to executive management in restaurants, luxury hotels and luxury rentals, she has seen, written, directed and starred in it all!  Jenni’s passion and expertise lie in creating and developing incredible teams that, together with her signature training, craft extraordinary experiences that bring guests back, again and again. For seven seasons, Jenni managed, Casa Nova, a 13,000 square foot private estate which offered private ski-in/ski-out access in Deer Valley, Utah. Under Jenni’s tenure as Chief Happiness Officer and Estate Manager, Casa Nova was named the United States’ Best Ski Chalet at the World Ski Awards, not once, but three times!

  1. “Accessing Global UHNW clients” by Wolf Worster:

Wolf has worked in the luxury private accommodations sector for over 15 years when he founded Wolf Worster Villas, later re-named Volta Villas which he recently sold. The company’s clients and homeowner base were exclusively focused on global UHNW individuals and families who on average spent $92,000 USD per week. His business has been featured in such media outlets as Forbes, The Robb Report, Sunday UK Times, Vancouver Sun, and E-Entertainment TV. RTL German television produced a documentary segment on his properties and business. Wolf has consulted at a number of events on private accommodation for heads of state including two G7 Summits and several Olympic Games.

In addition, Wolf is also the founder of Sirreti Reach, a closed networking platform for professionals in a variety of industries who engage with UHNW clients.

Networking & Collaboration

With your membership, you have direct access to other Sirreti members including property owners, luxury travel agents, concierge services, personal managers, villa agents, and industry partners.

Sirreti Insights Annual Report

Our data team spends all year compiling data to create an annual report which provides historic and current trends of the global UHNW guest, exclusively related to their bookings in LPAs.  Only available to members. See

Sirreti Annual Summit

Exclusive invitation to the Sirreti Summit. Small scale and intimate in nature, this in-person event will take place in Barcelona on 19 May 2023. Note that invitation is limited to members only. Delegate ticket cost is not included.  See

Media Exposure

Select exposure in our monthly newsletter,, and our media partners which includes The Review and others soon to be announced.

Listing on & use of Sirreti logo

Your company name and website link on to identify your membership as a luxury rental industry organisation. Beneficial use of the Sirreti logo on your website and in your marketing material.

Application form and survey