Invitation to the Sirreti Council

You are one of 25 founders and CEOs in the Luxury Private Accommodation industry to be invited as a Sirreti Council member. Invitations have been made to professionals in over 15 countries. Sirreti membership is not required to participate as a council member.

Please review the following and fill in the below form if you wish to accept our invitation.

We hope to receive a favorable reply by May 19, 2023.

The Objective

The Sirreti Council has been formed with the goal of adopting and promoting Industry Guidelines, Definitions and creating dialogue within our industry. We do this by facilitating and moderating discussions and promoting our knowledge and results.


You will have the ability to pick up the phone and call any one of the other 24 members, all of which are founders, co-founders and CEOs, to discuss Finances, Operations, Growth, Collaborative Business and Marketing Opportunities, etc.

Bringing Forward Best Practices

Subject matter may include establishing definitions and terminology, standardization of commissions, etc.

Access To Media

Sirreti is routinely contacted by the media. Media enquiries can now be referred to Council Members who will have an opportunity to share their knowledge or express their expert opinion.

Benchmarking Reports

We will, on occasion, survey members on specific practices, issues and trends.  Topics may include “Client Acquisition of The Wealthy”, “Best Practices Of Companies Who Have Gone Global”, “Co-Marketing With Non-Industry Partners,” and/or “Your Guest’s Luxury View”. Credit will always be given. Copies will be made available for council members. These reports may or may not be sold.

The Sirreti Council Online

By mid-June, you will be provided with a Login, Copies of reports, Event’s Calendar, and Member Profiles/Contact Information.

Annual Summit  

All members are expected to attend and participate in an annual two-day summit. Dates to be discussed with members, but working towards a two day period in January 2024. There are no major fees to participate. All travel-related costs are the responsibility of each member.

Application Form