Sirreti Reach

Sirreti Reach

Sirreti Reach is a closed networking platform for professionals who engage with UHNW clients.

Collectively, the Sirreti team have been engaged with the global UHNW client market for over 150 years. We now want to share our knowledge and our relationships, and continue to grow those through networking with other industry leaders.

Our networking group is open to founders, senior sales directors, and general management of all sizes of businesses from the international fashion industry, jewellery market, residential property sales & development, private aviation, yacht industry, fine arts, luxury car brands, financial services and family offices.

We believe by inviting a select group of professionals from all corners of the globe, we will be able to provide a well-balanced platform benefiting all members. Positive impact by members can be measured by a willingness to share wisdom, good communication, and a desire for growth and expansion through potential co-operative marketing initiatives.

Sirreti Reach acts as a facilitator for members to share strategic insights and perspectives with those in other industries in order to increase knowledge and mastery of UHNW engagement within their own organization.

As the platform evolves, media participation will become more relevant. Sirreti Reach currently has partnered with The Review Magazine and is committed in promoting the group and individual members through features and editorials.

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